Pochacco Scans

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Join Us

We are recruiting for the following job roles. Some experience using Photoshop is required. You must also be coachable, and love to learn.

  • Typesetters
  • Japanese to English Translator

If you would like to volunteer your time and help us, please reach out to me via discord or through our wordpress page. We will need to test your skills.

Feel free to send in suggestions in case one of my translator feels like doing something. I highly doubt it but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Prefer Japanese manga titles. I do have a chinese translator but I’m not sure if they are active right now.

We would prefer to work on popular Japanese manga, or Chinese webtoon. No Hentai/Smut, No Gore/Horror genres, No Boy-Love or Yuri. Or just something that is interesting.

Please double check if the title is licensed before pitching it to us. We will not work on licensed titles.

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