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List of Projects

Here is a quick list of our active and future projects. If you have a manga suggestion, we’d love to hear about it. (No smut/hentai, no horror/gore, No Boy Love, No Yuri.)

Please consider supporting the authors and artists when the manga becomes available in your country!

Japanese to English Projects:

Chinese to English Projects:

Completed Projects:

  • Joint with Endless Abyss: Perfect TwinClick here

Need Translator for:

  • [Japanese] Bremen 5 (ブレーメン5 ), starting from chapter 3
  • [Japanese] Living In This World With Cut & Paste (Manga) ( カット&ペーストでこの世界を生きていく )
  • [Chinese] Teenage Mommy ( 少女媽咪 )

Dropped Projects:

I’m Level 1, but I’m the Strongest with My Unique Skill — Click here

I like how you hate me but can’t get rid of me — Click here

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